J.D. Jump
Design for the Church and Theatre


Lighting Package Recommendations

    Living Hope Church asked me to put together a lighting recommendation when they were preparing to begin worshipping.  Based on the constraints of their space and their desires for the next year or two I made a recommendation that included a base package, a medium package, and a "dream package.  They have yet to buy the package but they keep it in mind as they are asking for donations from friends of the congregation.  I am hoping they will buy the package while I am still working with them.

    I was asked by a classmate to make a lighting recommendation of a lighting package for the Mary Lou Wiliams Center for Black Culture at Duke University.  They were looking for a general lighting package for various parties and events that are routinely held at the Mary Lou Williams Center.  Based on their usage needs I put together a package and made recommendations of three different different packages of different prices ranging from an "absolute minimum" package to an "unlimited money" package.