J.D. Jump
Design for the Church and Theatre


IBSC 2014

Reward Session: Teaching with Light
J.D. Jump
St. Christopher's School


Stage Lighting for Students - This is a free online resource for teaching all about lighting by Jeffrey E Salzberg and Judy Kupferman.  They have some great basic descriptions of the technology and art of stage lighting.  There are also links to other resources.  This is a great starting place if you don't know much about theatrical lighting or if you just want a beginning resource for your students.

Painting with Light - This is another free online resource by the Stage Lighting Store.  I can't speak to how good it is, but it might be another good resource and starting point.

The Lighting Art: The Aesthetics of Stage Lighting Design - This book by Richard H Palmer is a very in depth book on all of the artistic aspects of lighting design.  This book is very dense but it also has tons of great info.