J.D. Jump
Design for the Church and Theatre


Working in the theatre I do not have much experience with sound design, but through my Music Industry major I have gained experience with many sound programs including Sonar Home Studio, Sibelius, and Pro Tools.  I have done several recording and sequencing projects and I would be able to use the skills that I have gained to do sound designs for the Theatre and Church.


I have experience using Sibelius to write music or to write out parts that can be exported as MIDI files to be used in mixes.  During the course of my music classes I arranged and mixed my own music.  Here is an example of an orchestral score that I composed using Sibelius.

Live Sound

I have experience setting up, mixing, and breaking down the sound system for a small church that met in an elementary school.  I have also been working with technical services where I have set up a variety of sound systems for a number of different events on Duke's campus.  In addition, I have run live sound for events in Duke Chapel and Basketball and Football Games.

Sequencing Projects

Sound Collage - For my Recording Class I did a sequence of a four part men's a capella song.  I sang for all four voice parts and for the solo over top of the other three.

Music Video - For this project, I took the vocal solo from the a capella song and I made MIDI tracks of the four voice parts.  I then took the song and put it underneath the video track from the music video for the popular version of the song and put it over the music to create a music video.

Video Collage - For this project I took a recording that was taken of my college choir singing a song and I took snipits of it to create an original composition using parts of it.  I then took video clips from Choir tour and put them together on top of the mixed music.

Recording Projects

Stereo Recording Project - For Recording Class I did a stereo recording of a women's a capella group.

Multi-Track Recording Project - For Recording Class I did a full multi-track recording of a small choir and a band with Mandolin, Piano, and upright Bass.  The recording was done at a professional recording studio and I was in charge of doing all of the recording, mixing, and mastering for the song myself.